Patience Hostel


Visit this link to fill in your information and submit. Also, you can visit the property (Hostel) at Fiapre for a tour of the room and register/book for a room and/or indicate if you want to share with a roommate(s) and the duration of stay.

After a tour of the Hostel and room(s) and submission of application, You can request for the Bank Account information of the Hostel and then make your payment or you can pay it to the Manager and keep your receipt for records to guarantee a room. ONLY the Manager can receive CASH as payment otherwise pay to the Bank account.

It means staying in a room for only 1 (one) Semester which is about 3-4 months depending on the academic year.

This is for only students, their family and friends or a group of people who are in Sunyani for program or conference sort.

Tenancy Agreement can be picked up at the reception. You can alternatively download via this link and submit after signing at reception.

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